Producing blister packaging using the thermoforming process

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The company Asch Kunststoffverarbeitung (Germany) is a specialized company for the production of thermoformed plastic articles. With a history of several years since 1974, the company has a wide range of experience in this field. The product portfolio includes, among others, bellows for balloons, as well as for blowing out drill holes, transport trays for internal and external transport and various types of blisters and skin packaging. In the thermoforming process, blister packs are produced by drawing a thermoplastic material into a mold. The mold consists of two parts: a base mold part, which holds the product, and a lid mold part, which is placed on top of the base mold part to cover the product. Both parts of the mold are heated and brought together under pressure, causing the thermoplastic material to be drawn into the mold and assume the desired packaging shape. There are several types of blister packaging that can be produced using the thermoforming process. One of the most common types is the classic blister packaging, which consists of a transparent film and is usually made of PVC or PET. Classic blister packaging is particularly suitable for products that need to be visible, such as stationery or small electronic devices. Another type of blister packaging is aluminum blister packaging, where the upper layer is made of aluminum foil and the lower layer is made of PVC or PET. This type of packaging is especially suitable for products that need to be protected from moisture, such as medicines or food. Another popular type of blister packaging is the so-called dropper blister packaging, which is especially suitable for liquid products because it has a kind of small spout opening in the lid shape, which makes it easier to remove the liquid. In any case, whether it is a classic, aluminum or drop-form blister packaging, thermoforming process allows to produce a variety of shapes and sizes of packaging and is a flexible and economical method to produce packaging for a wide range of products. With an experienced team of employees, Asch Plastics Processing offers high-quality solutions in the production of thermoformed blister packaging and other plastic items.

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