Areas of application of the BANDIT fogging devices

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BANDIT fogging devices provide effective burglary protection for businesses in any industry. The protective fogging systems are flexible and suitable for buildings of various types, such as warehouses, gas stations, jewelers, casinos, financial institutions, electronics stores and mobile phone stores. There are two different systems to choose from, the BANDIT 320 series and the 240 series. Both systems use pressure and are safe and reliable in their operation. The BANDIT 320 Series is compact and fast, while the 240 Series delivers up to 504 cubic meters of protective fog within 18 seconds and is especially suited for larger spaces. The foggers are available in different design variants and are visually unobtrusive. The fogging fluid used has a minimum shelf life of three years and no maintenance is required. These protective fogging systems ensure reliable protection of the premises, thus minimizing the risk of financial losses due to burglary, theft and vandalism. Interested parties are welcome to contact BANDIT GmbH for further information or advice.

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